At WWT shows, security is our first and foremost priority. The WWT has a primary security staff which includes our nationwide head of security. We only employ the finest law enforcement officers to secure our shows. Our security guards remain in the showroom 24 hours per day until the shows end with rotating shifts to keep officers fresh and alert. Our head of security can also arrange private escorts, airport service, private security and much more. To request any special security needs or services please contact Jorge Gonzalez, [email protected] and he will be happy to help setup your security arrangements. We must all do our part to ensure the security of each member. Below you will find our services as well some tips and points on how you may make your show experience as safe as possible.

Security Services


  1. Travelling with other dealers increases safety. Prepare your travel plans this way
  2. Buying insurance is a great way to protect your assets.
  3. Try not to leave the show area with your merchandise. We rent heavily armed safe deposit boxes for this reason.
  4. Always be alert, get plenty of rest before shows.
  5. After the show, plan dinners and outings with other friends or dealers. Robberies occur most often when dealers are alone.
  6. NEVER THINK IT CANNOT HAPPEN TO YOU. The groups that coordinate robberies are very clever. Together we can all stay ahead by following precautions and watching out for one another.

Traveling by car

  1. Always start your trips with a full tank of gas.
  2. Limit your stops as much as possible.
  3. If you feel you are being followed, please call 911 and keep driving.
  4. Use the valet services and Avoid using parking garages. Parking garages are not always secured at hotels and convention centers.

Traveling by Plane

  1. BE VERY ALERT- when you go through security.
  2. Most airport robberies happen at baggage screening.
  3. Always request a private screening. If security calls a check, Never allow security to check your bags in line.

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