The WWT is an exclusive invitation only organization. The policies and regulations set forth are for the accountability and protection of our members. We must all do our part to maintain a safe and ethical trading environment in and outside of the shows. 

  1.  NO “buyer beware” deals. All deals must be black and white with NO grey areas. 
  1.  NO counterfeit merchandise, copyright infringements or fraud allowed. 
  1. Any items sold anywhere between WWT members must be as described by the seller and in full agreement by the seller and buyer. Members must always disclose accurate information regarding the merchandise they are selling. 
  1. All members must honor commitments made in any buy, sell or trade transaction. 
  1. HONOR YOUR CHECKS- Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension from the WWT in its entirety. WWT reserves the right to report any bad check or credit practices to other trade organizations. 
  1. All members attending trade shows must wear the badges that are issued by the WWT.                           
  1. All WWT applicants/members must provide current address, telephone numbers, email address and full legal name as it appears on their drivers license, state issued ID or passport. The WWT also reserves the right to request any additional information if necessary. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  1. All WWT member email addresses and physical addresses will be automatically added to the WWT mailing lists. 
  1. All new members will be placed on a three show new member vetting period before being considered an official member of the WWT. This means you will be required to wear a WWT new member badge as an exhibitor or buyer. Buyers must also wear a cash only badge until the vetting period is complete. This vetting period will also apply to members who joined via a referral of an active member. The WWT reserves the right to lengthen time periods and deny membership if necessary. Our vetting process will include referencing your name, address, businesses affiliations, practices and history.
  2. Any members or guests found committing any theft or fraud will result in indefinite suspension. The WWT also reserves the right to contact law enforcement and other trade organizations and report theft or issue fraud and credit alerts on anyone found guilty of violating this policy. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  1. WWT members and guests must agree to comply with all membership and show policies set forth. All WWT members and guests will be held to the same standards and will be expected to thoroughly read and follow our policies. 
  1. Online trading memberships- All WWT members using the online trading platforms operated by WWT are required to sign our TOS agreement forms and membership policies along with this form.